Crypt2 eSports

NFT Player staking benefits


  • Amount needed to stake: 750 ZDR
Off er staking lets would-be buyers make a bid, in ETH, on your Crypt2 player or team NFT, even if it’s not up for sale. They can bid on any of your NFT assets as long as you activate this feature by holding the required amount of ZDR within your wallet. If an o ff er isn’t accepted or declined, it expires after some time. Would-be buyers are usually interested in buying team or player NFTs that have gained points from competing in games, matches and training sessions.


  • Amount needed to stake: 250 ZDR
For your NFT to participate in various games and competitions, you will need to hold 250 ZDR per team participation within the Zloadr wallet. Your NFT will then be allocated to a team that will compete in a specific sporting competition. For example, If you want to join three teams within di ff erent sporting genres, you will need to hold 3 x 250 ZDR to be allocated.

Participation overall benefits

  • Increase in-game appearances
  • Increase earning potential


  • Amount needed to stake: 500 ZDR
Each NFT player can increase their overall playing potential and earn rewards for scoring goals during matches. Training requires NFT owners to hold a minimum of 500 ZDR with the Zloadr wallet during the period of a training session. Training sessions occur automatically twice a month, and the required amount of ZDR tokens must be held five days before the training period. A notification will pop up within the app, alerting NFT owners of dates of when training your NFT is available.

Training overall benefits

  • Goal scoring potential
  • Performance during games and matches
  • Increase in player transfer opportunities

How to get started

  1. 1.
    Download Zloadr’s mobile app from google play or the Apple App Store
  2. 2.
    Deposit and hold 100 ZDR within your Zloadr wallet.
  3. 3.
    You can get ZDR by depositing ETH, BTC or USDT and swapping it for ZDR within the app, using the “Swap to ZDR” function.
  4. 4.
    Visit the “claim NFT” section on the home page of the Zloadr app, to get a random unique Crypt2 NFT player, or you can visit and buy one online.
5. Once you have claimed you Crypt2 NFT player, it will reflect within your Zloadr app within the hour.