Crypt2 eSports

NFT Metaverse Owned By Stakeholders

It comes when an all-time high of confidence in crypto is due to the understanding that NFTs are crypto's that are assets worth acquiring and holding on to. With this in fuelling the global NFT market, it is hard not to notice the importance of its impact on the eSports gaming world.
Gamers, players, and NFT asset holders now can earn and control how the Metaverse works for them financially. Merging all the various factors that allow a sports metaverse to function solely around a single currency such as $ZDR is Zloadr's backbone to ensure stakeholders and investors receive financial freedom to engage with Zloadr's ecosystem.
In previous years blockchain game developers have been less concerned with showcasing cryptocurrencies full potential by pairing them with products and services that are highly in demand and attract large volumes of users.
It's where we set the dynamics of creating a level playing field that allows all participants to play to earn in a metaverse that is so diverse in attracting gamers and players that enjoy an emotional attachment to a particular sport or game.
Using NFTs, not only will success be easily tracked, they will bring a visual experience to those that want to be part of the Metaverse but not emotionally attach themselves but rather see it as a profitable way to invest.
Through features and protocols in place to further create value from an owned NFT, holders of these assets can control how their assets/avatars are used on a "play to earn" basis. NFT owners, who have successfully built up skillsets for players they own, will, in return, benefit from an increased yield on their NFT assets over a while.