Crypt2 eSports

NFT Marketplace

Crypt2's esport NFT Marketplace currently allows the purchase of NFT players and teams to would-be stakeholders and users interested in becoming an NFT collector. All users can buy and sell their ownership stakes in teams and players on Crypt2 and third-party marketplaces.
Our NFT marketplace lets new owners retain the skills or points a player or team has earned, giving it more value when purchased.
The ownership transfers enable further functionality as they drive another highly active secondary marketplace.

NFT Teams

There are 20 teams in each premiership or league. Each team can consist of between five to ten players on initialisation, and all teams earn from player merchandise sales.
Team owners can also earn from esports sponsorship deals in and outside of metaverse games and competitions, usually involving branding players' uniform Kits and jerseys sold via third-party outlets.
Team owners also take a percentage of tickets and subscription sales generated from pay-per-view live matches.

NFT Players

All team players are unique; no one other player is like another. All players are randomly generated with their individual characteristics and attributes.
Players earn ZDR/ETH when the NFT scores goals or other rewarding factors within a match.
Each player allows the NFT owner to earn a part of a competition prize. Players are allocated to an expert gamer who participates in live viewed games on the holder's behalf. All ERC-721 players belong to a sponsored team and can be sold to another team, earning the NFT holder a share of the transfer fee.

NFT Fruit Models

Crypt2's Fruit Models earn their owners a share of the percentage of revenue made from merchandising of items worn and sold in the eSports Metaverse. All athletes, teams, and players clothing and items are semi branded with the Crypt2 logo.
Physical items such as jerseys and kits sold in retail stores will also make up part of the revenue earned by Crypt2 NFT owners.
Twenty-five per cent of total revenue will be divided between 60,000 Crypt2 NFTs, so owning more than one fruit model entitles its owner to a more significant share of profit.