Crypt2 eSports

Liquidity Protocol

What makes us different

Crypt2 is an NFT & Gaming Metaverse Marketplace platform. Each year, we create and deploy a limited number of unique teams and players to grow and compete in Metaverse competitions and games. Every NFT provides various possibilities and rewards; players skillsets are upgraded based on a point scoring system that benefits the team's visibility, resulting in higher earning via sponsorship deals.
Each NFT bought via Crypt2 eSports increases liquidity for stakeholders, meaning that the benefits of paying for players with $ZDR give purchasing discounts and help lower the circulating current supply of $ZDR on exchanges resulting in higher demand. Based on the characteristic skill set of a player, it will determine the cost of the NFT when a team transfer opportunity arises for a player to be sold on. Before a team player transfer can occur, a new player has to be bought to balance the number of players on the selling or buying team. This is to grow possibilities further and encourage new willing owners to continue to trade and purchase players on NFT game marketplaces. Our game strategy has been developed to maintain the interest of collectors and stakeholders alike and grow the value of the platform and confidence.
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