Crypt2 eSports

ZDR Integration Roadmap

The ZDR token will be fully active and deployed across the Crypt2 Esports entire network by Apr 2023
  • 1st Quarter 2022: R&D
Testing various ways ZDR will gain a high level of usage
  • 2nd Quarter 2022: Design and structure
UI designs and structuring for the visibility of ZDR within the platform
  • 3rd Quarter 2022: Code Implementation
Coding ZDR into the whole fabric of Crypt2’s network
  • 4th Quarter 2022: Marketing Plan Execution
Rollout out of promotions to would-be users and businesses
  • 1st Quarter 2023: Advertising rollout
Search engine, social media and other platform adverts advertising discounts for early users
  • 1st Quarter 2023: Platform soft launch
Soft launch of users interacting with ZDR on the platform
  • 2nd Quarter 2023: Full launch
The full launch of ZDR within the platform and across all useable cases.