Crypt2 eSports
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1. What is a Crypt2?

Crypt2 is a full-scale blockchain gaming ecosystem powered by Zloadr that allows you to earn BTC/ETH by staking ZDR tokens against your NFT asset(s), in return, increasing their overall earning potential.

2. How will owning a Crypt2 NFTs earn me money?

Staking is a way to earn rewards in crypto for holding ZDR within the Zloadr wallet to increase the performance and earning potential of your Crypt2 NFT assets

3. How can I get a Crypt2 NFT?

1.Download Zloadr’s mobile app from google play or the Apple App Store 2.Hold 500 ZDR within the wallet. You can get ZDR by depositing ETH, BTC or USDT and swapping it for ZDR within the app. 3.Visit the “claim NFT” section with the Zloadr app to get a random unique Crypt2 NFT player, or you can visit and buy one online.

4. Where can I sell Crypt2 NFTs?

You can trade Crypt2 NFT Players on OpenSea.

5. What is Crypt2's current ERC721 contract address?


6. What is Zloadr's ZDR current token contract address?

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