Crypt2 - Own to Earn NFT eSports
Crypt2 eSports allows you to participate in games ands tournaments to earn BTC/ETH as long as you own a Player NFT.
Participation in games and tournaments is necessary to profit from the Crypt2 set pool for each game or tournament.

How to Participate

Participating in Crypt2's games and tournaments only requires you to own a player or team NFT.
Click here to by a Crypt2 eSports player on OpenSea
You do not have to play any physical opponents or games but only hold the NFT(s) in your wallet.
Once you have paid the entry fee to join a game, you will be allocated to a team.
Dates and times of when your team is to play will be displayed on the events page.

First you need to get an Airdropped Crypt2 Player NFT by:

Following Zloadr on Twitter at @crypt2esports
• Like and Retweet 3 latest tweets
• Tag 3 people
• Finally, comment with you ERC20 wallet address
After you have done the above, a Crypt2 Player NFT will be sent to you for FREE!

If you do not use Twitter, you can do the following using Instagram

Follow Zloadr on Instagram @crypt2esports
• Like and Tag 3 people on the our latest post
• Finally, comment with your ERC20 wallet to receive a Crypt2 Player NFT for FREE…
If you already have a Crypt2 Player NFT, you can to start participating by visiting https://crypt2esports.com
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How to Participate