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Crypt2 eSports NFT Gaming Metaverse & Marketplace

The world of digital currency and assets continue to evolve as more solutions emerge from different developers to meet stakeholders' growing and diverse needs. Non-fungible tokens, popularly known as NFTs, have been described as the next big thing in the Metaverse gaming space, attracting the attention of different stakeholders across multiple industries. Research currently puts the value of the global non-fungible tokens (NFTs) market at $250 million in 2020. The universality of NFTs has made the concept increasingly popular, with some NFTs being traded for several thousands of dollars.
The global eSports market has exploded in recent times. The current pandemic restricted movement, further driving the industry's growth as more people remained indoors while enjoying their favourite games. In a related development, eSports branding has become even more lucrative due to the increasing number of fans across the globe. However, Zloadr looks to chart a new course across industries as the first project to blend a metaverse eSport environment that merges merchandising with NFTs, profiting stakeholders for owning teams and players that compete in Metaverse styled competitions and games
While the NFT market has grown since 2020, a feat that remains unrivalled in recent times is the interception of the Metaverse, especially with the use of NFT avatars. The numbers coming out of the NFT market and projections by experts show the enormous prospects of the concept.
However, many of the available NFT & Metaverse platforms are rather generic. They do not particularly stand out or consider the enormity of how lucrative the eSports Metaverse will become to NFT owners, which is where Zloadr is looking to make a difference by being the first to market
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